What you need to know with TMO

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There are a lot of steps that Airmen must take to successfully move during a permanent change of station, whether they are going to another state or country.

To help Airmen start their transition on the right foot, the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron traffic management office points them in the right direction.

"We try to make it as easy as possible," said Staff Sgt. Josue Diaz Canales, 28th LRS personal property NCO in charge. "We provide customer service for those who are moving to help ease the process because we know it's a stressful time, especially when there are other worries like getting kids enrolled in their new schools."

The first step in a PCS move is for Airmen to create a Defense Personal Property System account. This is done before an Airman has received their official PCS orders.

DPS is an internet-based system developed by the Department of Defense U.S. Transportation Command and the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command to help servicemembers and DOD civilian employees manage their household goods move.

According to 28th LRS officials, DPS allows Airmen in transition the ability to self-counsel anytime, anywhere as long as they have a compatible operating system and internet browser, such as those listed at http://www.move.mil/common/faq/faq.cfm. DPS also enables Airmen to rate their transportation service provider and to start or complete claims.

They recommend to get started in DPS, Airmen take the following steps:

Visit the website at www.move.mil and click, "Department of Defense servicemembers and civilians," to prepare for the move. After determining whether the Airman qualifies to use DPS, he or she may submit a request for an electronic transportation acquisition password via the site. He or she may then click on the DPS registration link to begin the process.

The second step for Airmen is to take the time and decide on what type of move - household goods move, personally procured move or non-temporary storage - they elect to make. Official orders will be needed for this step, but Airmen should be considering their options as early as possible.

What is an HHG move?

Officials from the 28th LRS noted that an HHG move is when a government contracted transportation service provider performs full packing, loading, transporting, unloading, placement and debris removal of belongings.

The shipment is covered by Full Valuation Insurance and a claim will be required to repair or replace damaged or lost items. It's important to submit claims as early in the relocating process as possible.

During peak season - May through September - many TSPs are saturated with a high volume of requests, resulting in delay of pickup and/or delivery of goods.

What is a PPM?

"A PPM allows members to personally procure HHG transportation when they have an entitlement to ship or store HHG," said Jeffrey Brzezinski, 28th LRS chief of personal property.

A member can use any privately owned vehicle, direct hire, or rental of a conveyance - with or without operator - to move goods. Reimbursement of actual costs or monetary allowance is limited to what it would cost the government to move the actual weight shipped and/or stored and must not exceed the member's maximum authorized weight allowance.

Members are reimbursed for 95 percent of what the government would have paid if a contracted TSP was utilized or the actual cost incurred up to the government constructed cost. Receipts are required for authorized expenses as they are tax deductions and calculated into the final payment.

Freight services such as portable shipping containers are not available in Rapid City or Ellsworth; however, members may utilize similar services offered by non-traditional means.

Customers are allowed three business days from origin to destination to load and unload the trailer. Transit times average between two and five business days. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages when utilizing non-traditional shipping methods so it's important for Airmen to educate themselves prior to choosing a shipping company.

What is NTS?

NTS is long-term storage of household goods in lieu of transportation. This type of move includes necessary packing, crating, uncrating, unpacking and transportation to and from the place of storage.

For local NTS shipments, property will be stored in a warehouse in Rapid City until delivery is requested. Length of storage is determined by an Airman's orders. Members who PCS to another duty station will have a longer timeline for storage. If they elect to have NTS, they will not be able to request delivery until they have a permanent address.

This option is most suitable for members who are separating or retiring and have not decided on a location, are having a home built, or will not be ready to receive their property within 90 days of arriving at their destination.

After Airmen have chosen their move type, the last thing they need to do is schedule an appointment with a TMO technician.

Diaz Canales said some people may consider it a luxury to have their things moved for them, but he recognizes that it is more of a necessity for Airmen.

"Our job is important because our Airmen can become stressed if they don't have their property or some of their basic necessities," Diaz Canales said. "Something as simple as being able to have a crib for your [child] is important because the child's rest could impact the Airmen's rest, resulting in reporting for work tired and that can cause the mission to be hindered just because of the stress that comes with moving."

Brzezinski added it does get very busy during the summer with the increase of military members and civilian families across the globe moving during the same timeframe. The most important thing customers can do to help themselves with moving is to schedule an appointment with TMO as soon as they get a physical copy of their orders.

For more information about preparing for an upcoming move, call the 28th LRS TMO at (605) 385-6597.