Striker Airmen: A 28th Bomb Wing Story

  • Published
  • By Steve Merrill
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

A short way from the city there is a quaint place,
To many it's known as Ellsworth Air Force Base.

But what, what really, is happening here?
Here at the 28th Bomb Wing that bad people do fear.

Putting warheads on foreheads, yes that's what we do.
If you mess with us, we'll put one on you.

Why training and fighting and preparing we say?
Preparing for anything that may come our way.

T-birds and Tigers and Gryphons, oh my!
And don't forget the Marauders patrolling the sky.

You cannot run, you cannot hide.
Bones and Reapers together? You'll end up fried.

Loading bombs into bays, we tinker, twist and turn.
Kicking the tires and ensuring the engines do burn.

Defending and building and fueling and feeding.
Giving our allies everything they are needing.

Helping care for bruises, aches and pains.
Our Airmen are smiling and safe from bad strains.

Little base on the prairie? Oh I think not.
More like Global Strike Command's B-1 juggernaut.

So friends rest easy but enemies beware.
We are simply providing combat air power - anytime, anywhere.