Fighting for a cause

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class James L. Miller
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
"I'm not what the fight world wants; I'm what the fight world needs," said Senior Airman Colton Taylor, 28th Force Support Squadron services journeyman.

Taylor has been boxing for three years, originally as a way to stay physically fit.

However, over time, Taylor's motivations shifted and became far more personal - developing into a dedication that aids his private and professional life. 

"I started boxing more than three years ago, just for something to do to [stay] in shape," Taylor said. "After doing it for a while, I realized I was pretty good, so I stuck with it and started training"

In addition to boxing, Taylor participates in Mixed Martial Arts matches to stay conditioned.

"I primarily do boxing, but MMA helps me expand my knowledge and keep me humble because there is so much to learn," Taylor said. "It definitely humbled me when I lost an MMA match; it was my first and only loss so far, and it taught me to stay in my lane."

With that loss, Taylor began training even harder; the 24-hour gym access has helped him to do that.

"I like being in the Air Force and being able to box as it helps me stay fit to fight, and I can do it while having a full-time career," Taylor said. "I do not know if I will ever go pro, but my goal is to go as far as I can with it, and eventually be able to wear the Air Force logo across my chest and represent them at the highest level."

Although his dream is to make it to the Air Force boxing team, Taylor fights for an even greater cause than himself, pushing his desire to exceed each day.

"The reason I fight in matches now is to send money to my family back home in Texas," Taylor said. "Half of my earnings I receive go to my family to support my grandfather."

Taylor's grandfather is currently fighting liver cancer. The only outcome Taylor can see during his match is him winning so he can help his grandfather and his family.

Although life may try to knock Taylor down, he always comes back swinging.

"No matter how bad life may seem, there is always a reason to keep fighting," Taylor said. "You just have to find something to fight for and the rest falls into place."