Security Forces prepare for combat

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Rebecca Imwalle
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Several members of the 28th Security Forces Squadron participated in combat readiness training March 10 as a way of enhancing combat capabilities.

Military training is a vital part of any servicemembers' career, helping to prepare Airmen for combat and emergency situations they may face during their service.

Dion Harris, 28th SFS lead instructor, said he believes we fight the way we train.

"We are always training," Harris said. "If we didn't, our Airmen would not have the ability to [carry out] the mission."

Ellsworth defenders engage in more than 200 hours of training annually, from combative skills, to proper use of tasers and law enforcement techniques.

"This helps ensure the survivability of our Defenders in any combat situation," Harris said. "Whether it is a firefight on base or combat in Afghanistan, it takes the same [kind of] training."

Tech. Sgt. Benjamin Thomas, 28th SFS flight sergeant, explained that receiving hands-on weapons training during realistic scenarios is an invaluable tool in maintaining expeditionary Airmen.

"This is training we don't usually get on a day-to-day basis," Thomas said. "It gives us an opportunity to take our weapons out to shoot at actual targets, and it doesn't get more realistic than that."

This training is performed annually as a way to prepare for deployments, allowing Airmen to maintain the skills and readiness required to respond to emergencies.

"They tend to change the course from time to time," Thomas said. "Each time you participate you learn new tactics and gather more information."

He noted that all training benefits the 28th SFS as a whole and provides valuable first-hand experience.