Base PSC delivers morale

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Rebecca Imwalle
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Whether celebrating the holiday season, a birthday, or transitioning to a new base, mail delivery can be a great way to keep spirits high.

In addition to establishing mailboxes for inbound servicemembers, Ellsworth's Postal Service Center clerks help boost morale by sorting, organizing and delivering mail and packages to Airmen residing in base dormitories.

"I love everything about working here," said Lori Steever, 28th Communications Squadron PSC manager. "I had four kids that went through college, so I kind of understand what they go through when they're away from home and in a dorm. I know it means a lot to them to get packages from home and mail."

Lori Steever has delivered mail to Ellsworth dorm Airmen for 20 years. In her time working at the PSC, she has played a big part in making it what it is today.

"When I first got here the previous contractors had just left," Lori Steever stated. "My brother in law got the temporary contract for the postal service center and when we first saw it, it was a disaster. We had to completely clean the place and get it into working order."

Renee Griffith, 28th CS PSC clerk, delivers mail to base dorms and works at the service window, assisting customers as they pick up their packages.

"Seeing the looks on their faces when they get a package from their family is great," Griffith said. "I especially like working during the holidays. Airmen are always happy and generous."

Griffith added that she enjoys delivering mail to the dorms because it allows her to interact with dorm residents.

"I love talking with these Airmen," Griffith said. "Sometimes they stop by to pick up a package, and you can tell they just want to talk, so we can end up talking for awhile sometimes."

Darla Steever, 28th CS postal service clerk, has worked at the PSC every Friday and Saturday for the past three years.

"When someone gets sick or is on vacation, there is always one of us willing to help out and relieve them of their job for the time needed," said Darla Steever. "We have a really good routine going here."

Lori Steever added that she loves being able to take care of Ellsworth's Airmen and put a smile on their face while ensuring they receive their mail and packages on time.

With more than 35 years working at Ellsworth's PSC, Lori Seever, Griffith and Darla Steever have streamlined the mail delivery process, uplifting the morale of Ellsworth Airmen as they serve away from home.