Icon of Excellence

The Ceremonial Guardsman is an individual of good reputation, having integrity, ethical conduct and exhibiting standards which merit respect, and responsible for protecting and overseeing the maintenance of standards on and off duty. It is truly an occupation which requires outstanding devotion and commitment to duty. By maintaining our history and exceptionally high standards, Honor Guards will continue to remain an icon of excellence.

Honorable Mention

    Their mission is to act as representatives for Airmen to both the American public and the world. 
     They are guardians of a legacy which includes promoting the Air Force mission, protecting its standards, perfecting its image and preserving the heritage of the most powerful air power in the world.
     "The men and women chosen to be ceremonial guardsmen are among the sharpest in the Air Force," said Lt. Col. Raymond Powell, United States Air Force Honor Guard commander, in a statement on the official Honor Guard website. "Ceremonial guardsmen are the 'public face of the Air Force' across the United States and the globe."
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28th Bw Honor Guard Forms

If you are interested in requesting the 28th Bomb Wing Honor Guard for an event or funeral honors, please fill out the appropriate request form and send it to the Honor Guard email located on the form.
Funeral Support Request
Ceremony Support Request

Join Ellsworth Honor Guard

Interested in joining the Ellsworth AFB Honor Guard? Talk with your supervision about it first, then stop by the Honor Guard offices, located in the Pride Hangar for more information. 

Contact the Honor Guard
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Cell: 605-431-3008