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Shoppette Signs

Ellsworth AFB, S.D. -- The Commander' s Action Line is a forum for the Ellsworth community to make suggestions or voice concerns about Ellsworth directly to Col. Kevin Kennedy, 28th Bomb Wing commander. 


Col. Kennedy,

Just curious, Sir. The two "enter" signs at the shoppette face out when they might be better facing inwards to alert drivers that that entrance is not an exit. Thank you for serving, Sir.

Col. Kevin Kennedy
Col. Kevin

Good point! To reduce confusion and enable drivers to better understand the traffic flow through the Shoppette, we are in the process of adding the appropriate signs to the Shoppette entry/exit points ("Enter Only/Exit Only"). These signs will be clearly marked for drivers to see, not only from the road entering into the Shoppette, but also from the road exiting the Shoppette. Thank you for your question.