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Florida firefighters Ronny Garcia (pictured right) and Kevin Reed give a SAFE brief to Ellsworth Airmen April 27 at the base theater.  SAFE features members of the medical and law enforcement  community who share their no-hold barred and grittily honest experiences with audiences around the world. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Todd Wivell) Discussing tragedies to prevent future ones
Florida fire fighter Ronny Garcia left the balmy, white-sand and palm tree laden beaches of his home state to deliver a somber message to the Black Hills community and Ellsworth's Airmen. "Take care of your friends; don't let them drive after drinking," he said. "Live a long and healthy life and don't become another preventable statistic." The
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OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM  --  A B-1 Lancer continues its mission after refueling in the skies near Iraq on March 25. The B-1 crew, assigned to 405th Air Expeditionary Wing, is flying missions from a forward-deployed air base as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Cherie A. Thurlby) To the other side of the world in 'The Mighty B-ONE'
Editors note: This is article is part one of a series.The alarm clock buzzes at 6:45 a.m. I let my wife hit the snooze button and roll over, hoping to get another 15 minutes, only to be startled by a little face staring at me, eye level, from the side of the bed. Not long after that, my youngest son is bouncing around on the bed trying to get us up
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Catherine Desautels, 28th Services Squadron lifeguard, instructs Brady Riker on Level 1 swimming during a recent lesson held at the Bellamy Fitness Center indoor pool here.  The fitness center offers instruction is swimming skills, water safety and basic water rescue.  (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Todd Wivell) Swimming awareness for tots to adults
As the young child approaches the side of the pool, his heart begins to race. He is excited about getting ready to jump into the waiting arms of the lifeguard already in the water. Cautiously he approaches. With toes curled around the concrete edge and the smile on his face turning to concern, he wonders whether or not he should jump in. With a
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The 28th Bomb Wing Airman Leadership School heritage room and the 28th Bomb Wing Security Forces Squadron heritage room are just two of the many heritage rooms throughout Ellsworth AFB that represent our Air Force and their unit’s past heritage.  Heritage rooms are maintained Air Force wide as a constant reminder of those who have paved the way for today’s military forces.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Amn Nathan Riley) Heritage rooms a constant reminder of those who paved the way
The rooms are kept immaculate. The carpets look as if they've been freshly vacuumed and there are no smudges on any of the windows, mirrors or glass cases. The uniforms are hung with pride and each artifact is kept in excellent condition. The only noise heard is the occasional footstep of an approaching visitor. The 28th Bomb Wing Airman Leadership
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Alan Madison, Emeril Live producer, and sound technician Gary Tole prepare to begin taping Tech. Sgt. Wesley Williams preparing his award winning rainbow fruit stuffed pork tenderloin. Mr. Madison and Mr. Tole were among the Emeril Live production team visiting Ellsworth March 13 to film Sergeant Williams in his kitchen. Sergeant Williams will visit the Emeril Live show April 6 and the episode is scheduled to air sometime in June. Emeril live comes to Ellsworth
What does an award winning chef, southern cuisine with a modern flair and a top-notch NCO all have in common?They're all the embodiment of Tech. Sgt. Wesley Williams and heading to Emeril Live later this year. A producer, sound technician and cameraman visited Ellsworth March 13 and filmed Tech. Sgt. Williams, 28th Services Squadron dining facility
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Default Air Force Logo New survey aims to improve information delivery to Airmen
The Secretary of the Air Force Office of Communication at the Pentagon has launched a study to find out how Airmen want to get information about the Air Force. A randomly selected group of Airmen and Air Force civilian employees will receive an e-mail invitation from Brig. Gen. Erv Lessel, Air Force Director of Communication, asking them to
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Default Air Force Logo MXG setting AFSO21 example for Ellsworth
Work smarter, not harder, and you'll complete your mission-essential tasks despite the manning and money cuts around you. That, in a nutshell, is what Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century is all about, and at Ellsworth, the 28th Maintenance Group is setting the standard. In October 2006, the 28th MXG created the 28th MXG AFSO21 Office,
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Tech. Sgt. Troy Reemtsma, 379th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron B-1B Lancer supply Non-commissioned officer in charge, stocks and inventories aircraft parts.
B-1 AMU finishes strong
The lethal team of B-1 aircrew, maintainers and support personnel are essential to the success of the missions flown by the 37th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron, but one element of that team has quietly left its mark on the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, Southwest Asia. From the beginning, the 379th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron's 37th
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Default Air Force Logo B-1s arrive, members reminisce
Exactly 20 years ago, the first B-1 arrived at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Since then, the base has seen remarkable transformations. We asked servicemembers and civilian personnel to share their memories. Their answers are below.What was your job title when the B-1s arrived? Currently? Ms. Janice Goen - I was the weather detachment secretary now I'm
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Default Air Force Logo From blue to green and back; PRT Captain shares his experience
Up until a few years ago, when an Airman joined the Air Force he expected to deploy doing his Air Force job. In today's Air Force, more and more Airmen are deploying "green." Ellsworth's Capt. Kenneth McGinnis recently returned from serving with the Army civil affairs provincial reconstruction team. During his four-month deployment in Afghanistan,
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