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  • Excellence in all we do <br> Airman, open-heart surgery survivor wins accolades at hobby

    Adrienne Freyer, show dog owner, trainer and breeder, and her Champion Kyllburg, Chaos, were honored as best of breed and best bred by owner Dec. 2 during the 2007 American Kennel Club/ Eukanuba National Invitational Dog Show in Long Beach, Calif. Mrs. Freyer, a master sergeant in the Air Force and superintendent of the 28th Bomb Wing Plans and
  • Reaching out during holiday deployments

    The holidays are a time of giving, sharing and celebrating with loved ones. But amidst the gift opening, revelry and joy, some Air Force families and friends find themselves celebrating without the company of a deployed servicemember. When an Air Force member is deployed during the holiday season, it's especially crucial to maintain solid contact
  • The stress of getting there

    Preparations begin as 14 Airmen learn they will travel to the Czech Republic in support of Ellsworth's B-1 as it participates for the first time in the Czech air show, Czech International Air Fest 2007. Finding out I was one of those 14 was both exciting and nerve-wrecking. I'd never traveled outside the country and had no idea what to do. I
  • Ellsworth spouses view mission from different perspective

    A handful of Ellsworth wives did what few Americans get the chance to do Aug. 9 when they flew with the crew of a KC-135R Stratotanker during a routine air-refueling mission of a B-1. The incentive flight gave about 10 spouses of B-1 aircrew members a chance to experience a portion of what their significant others do during a 12-hour sortie. "As
  • The wingman, part 1 of a 3 part series

    The pale, cold light of dawn slowly creeps over the horizon of no man's land - the twisted, charred and ruinous contested landscape marking the lines between Germany and France. On this cold fall morning in 1915, Allied Airmen climbed into their flying machines, which aren't much more than crates of wood and cloth held together by a little glue and
  • Patriot Guard Riders welcome home Airmen; integrate with Ellsworth's honor guard

    The old vet walks gingerly with the aid of a well-worn cane, rested on the picnic table beneath the shade of an oak tree beside the deployment processing center here. The tattooed arms detailing his life's journey once cradled a rifle in a hellish jungle far away. Now they embrace an American flag. The leather riding vest tells his story while his
  • Texas Hold' em, Armed Forces Style

    The hottest card game has hit the coolest spot on base. Dakota's is once again hosting its annual Texas Hold 'em tournament with twice as many chances to win. With two tournaments running from June 1 to August 24 and then September 7 to November 16, Friday nights are all about fun. Enjoy food and beverage specials starting at 4:00 p.m. with play at
  • Samuel O. Turner Airman Leadership School's new flight chief

    His uniform is pressed with a perfect crease running down his master sergeant stripes, his boots are highly shined with no blemishes, his hair cut is kept high and tight he portrays himself as a true Air Force professional and his actions will affect many Airmen. Master Sgt. Joey Parks, currently in his 21st year of service and a Senior Master Sgt.
  • Airmen selected for commissioning

    Three Ellsworth Airmen were recently selected to participate in commissioning programs and will depart this summer to start their process of becoming the next future leaders of tomorrows Airmen. Staff Sgt. Jacob Roney, 28th Comptroller Squadron customer service technician, was selected to attend Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base
  • To The Other Side Of The World In 'The Mighty B-ONE' -- part 2

    Editors note: This is the final part of a 2-part article.8 p.m. We are somewhere on the eastern side of the Atlantic. It's now dark and will be for the remainder of the flight until just before we land. We've been giving our positions at every longitude and latitude crossing via the high frequency radio to reporting stations located on the east

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