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  • AFOSI recruiting

    Enlisted Airmen may apply for special-agent duty with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations once they've first served in another career field. Those eligible are Master Sergeants, Technical Sergeants, and Staff Sergeants with fewer than 12 years of military service. Senior Airmen, or Airman 1st Class' must have less than six years of
  • Manta forward operating location opens doors to first chapel

    The 478th Expeditionary Operations Squadron new chapel opened their doors to deployed members in Manta, Ecuador, Oct. 1. Armed with Bibles in lieu of M-16s, Chaplain (Capt.) Jeff Granger and Senior Airman Mirella Santos, chaplain assistant, comprise the first chapel team responsible for the spiritual well-being of all deployed here. "We have an
  • Ellsworth's newest CCAF graduates

    Sixty-five Ellsworth personnel received their Community College of the Air Force Associate degree diplomas during a graduation ceremony held at the Dakota's Club on October 20. CCAF is the largest accredited community college in the United States. To date, 243,000 people have graduated from CCAF with more than 291,000 degrees awarded since its
  • AFSO 21, FTAC and professional enhancement

    The First Term Airman's Center and the Professional Enhancement Center here are using Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century to shake up their methods so Airmen can get back to their shops at a faster rate so their role in supporting the global war on terror is expedited. FTAC was previously a 10-day program and now has been cut back to
  • Quick cash a quick way to financial pain

    It's close to pay-day and the bills are piling up. Creditors are bugging an Airman at work. He can't concentrate on his job because every time the phone rings he cringes, hoping it's not a collection agent. At night he can't sleep. He simply tosses and turns worrying, "What if my unit finds out I can't pay my bills?" There's no escape. Bill
  • Ellsworth guards goblins

    As the spooks, bats, witches and ghosts prowl Ellsworth's family housing searching for treats and other goodies Tuesday, there will be watchful eyes on the young trick-or-treaters. No, it's not the local hobgoblin stalking little children so he can haul one back to the proverbial witch's oven. And, unfortunately to die-hard Halloween fans, it's not
  • South Dakota honors Vietnam veterans

    Sept. 16 marked the third war memorial dedication ceremony in Pierre, S.D., with numerous flybys to include a B-1, three F-16s and three Vietnam-era Huey helicopters, a performance by country music duo Big and Rich, and the unveiling of the South Dakota Vietnam War Memorial. "I thought (the ceremony) was fantastic," said Ray Ollila, Vietnam veteran
  • 'Touch and go'

  • Foam test e-mail overflows with perception problems

    A B-1 hangar is filled with more suds than a jolly-green-giant-sized keg. There are people standing around with suds up to their eyeballs. People are standing on top of the rafters in the building as foam and bubbles continue to rise.Did a glacier melt in South Dakota? Did some kind of ultra-secret government underground brewery guarded by a pack
  • Load crew competition tests best crews in wing

    "Crew, Attention! Break," echoes through the hangar April 7, marking the start of the first Weapons Load Crew of the Quarter competition for 2006. The four-member team springs into action from the attention-like stance held during the pre-competition safety briefing.Participation in this competition is earned through proven performance, and the

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