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    By August 2000, there had already been 28 driving under the influence of alcohol arrests for that year by active-duty members assigned to Ellsworth. At that time, a program called “Dial-a-Ride” provided a reduced-price taxi fare paid by the First Sergeant’s Council. This program was not only ineffective in eliminating DUI arrests, but it was open
  • Ellsworth Airmen keep Iraq secure

    Security forces from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., are serving in southern Iraq this winter. Twenty-four of the more than 300 Air-men who make up the 586th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron are from the 28th Security Forces Squadron at Ellsworth. They provide base, convoy and area security here — home to the largest theater internment
  • Trenkle, Oguinn lead MDG/SVS to 2-0 start

    The 28th Medical Group/28th Services Squadron coasted to two early season victories this past week at the Bellamy Fitness Center, knocking off the 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron 66-49 Jan. 9 and the 28th Operations Support Squadron 83-58 Jan. 11 in intramural basketball action. Joshua Trenkle carried MDG/SVS (2-0) to victory over AMXS, pouring
  • Living in the red: struggling with checks, credit and overspending

    Every year, millions of Americans spend more money than they make. Loans, credit cards and poor budgeting have created a crisis of debt. A large number of those living in debt don’t even know the first steps to take toward living life in the black. Luckily for Ellsworth members, there’s a plethora of resources available. An Airman’s “first line of
  • Sec. Wynne: Air Force needs to recapitalize

    With the combination of aging and heavily used equipment, the Air Force needs recapitalization across the board, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne said. In past discussions about Air Force recapitalization, aircraft usually took center stage. Although aircraft still need to be recapitalized, there has been a shift. “The Air Force
  • Where there's a will, there's a way

    Many sports enthusiasts may argue wrestling commands the most complete athletes in the world. It’s a competition that requires balance, agility, strength, stamina, quickness and coordination among other physical qualities. However, what may set the sport apart from the rest more than anything are the non-physical attributes required. The biggest,
  • 2006 defense budget set to increase military pay, benefits

    President George W. Bush ushered in an across-the-board 3.1 percent military pay raise, effective Jan. 1. It includes a variety of new or enhanced benefits for servicemembers and their families. He signed the 2006 National Defense Authorization Bill into law Jan. 6. In addition to a pay raise that’s a half percent higher than the average
  • Civilian guards keep Ellsworth safe, secure

    The new uniform securing Ellsworth’s gates allows base security forces members to intensely train and regularly deploy. But not to worry — the civilian guards are well trained to provide the base with safety and security. The civilians assuming the guard responsibilities are employed by Akal Security Incorporated. They’re trained to provide the
  • Straight Talk with Col. Smith

    Vehiclular Frostbite Question: Col. Smith, I’ve been told I can’t keep my vehicle running when I run in to the Child Development Center to pick up my child. With these low South Dakota temperatures, why can’t we leave the engine running? It’s just a few minutes. Col. Smith: I thank you for asking the question because it bears reminding of the exact
  • ORE preparation under way

    As Team Ellsworth prepares for the Phase II Operational Readiness Exercise beginning Jan. 27, wing leadership and exercise coordinators want to remind Airmen of the importance of the event. This ORE is the second of four intended to prepare the wing for the scheduled Operational Readiness Inspection in July. “OREs aren’t inherently fun,” said Maj.