Budgeting for career, future

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Thomas Karol
  • 28th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE – Budgeting is an important part of almost everyone’s lives. It keeps the lights on, gas in the car and helps people plan both long- and short-term goals.

Fortunately, the Airman and Family Readiness Center offers courses on preparing for retirement, investing, and budgeting, and has helped many Airmen balance their finances and plan for the future.

“We like to start giving Airmen advice on budgeting early on in their careers,” said Jeffrey Hollinshead, a 28th Force Support Squadron community readiness consultant. “We go through concepts of budgeting during [the First Term Airman Center]. We provide four hours of training… so they can get an early start to managing their finances.”

The A&FRC also offers courses to service members trying to enter the civilian sector by offering budgeting classes in the Transition Assistance Program.

“We offer a course in TAPS that helps Airmen make a smoother transition into the civilian sector,” Hollinshead said. “There is a requirement… that they complete a 12-month post-military spending plan. I walk them through the budgeting process, plus a number of other things they need to consider, as they make their transition.”

Along with the A&FRC’s courses, consultants teach individuals and squadrons about retirement and the Thrift Savings Plan. They have helped influence many service members on base to take a look at their plan for the future.

“We try to get out of the office and educate people about the options they have when it comes to retirement, “Hollinshead said. “We head out to different squadrons when their leadership requests it and we sit down and explore their options. Retirement unfortunately isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing and we’re happy to get them going down the right path.”

As the commander of the 28th Bomb Wing, Col. David A. Doss has implemented a list of priorities in a simple way – Mission, Vison, People – or more commonly referred to as MVP. The A&FRC’s budgeting courses help our Airmen be prepared, so they can achieve the objectives we work toward.

“If we can educate Airmen on financial literacy, we can meet the commander’s goals,” said Tech. Sgt. Todd Borrrego, the 28th FSS A&FRC noncommissioned officer in charge of readiness. “Our Airmen are more resilient to adversaries and also able to enjoy life more. Families who have their finances in order are typically happier and are able to focus on more important things, like their jobs.”

Doss prioritizes people, because no people equals no vision, and no mission. This is why financial readiness is key to mission success.

“Financial readiness is one of the biggest problems we see,” Borrego said. “Airmen are not able to focus on their job, and it can make their lives more difficult. Our job here is to educate people to make the best decisions they can.”

Spending time with loved ones can be more enjoyable if people aren’t worried about money. They can be better off if they aren’t worried about paying bills, and it all starts with forming a budget.

“I grew up in a household that wasn’t the greatest about financial responsibility,” Borrego said. “I learned from a young age how to work with money. Now, my wife and I make a budget every month to see what we have to spend. My family is in a good place with our finances and we can focus on what’s really important, our kids.”

Many in the military and in the civilian sector people have passion for their work. The A&FRC is part of that. They try their best to help people around them, and lead them on the best path possible.

“The financial sector is where my passion lies,” Borrego said. “I loved it very early on in my career and I was very excited to do it in the Air Force. I enjoy helping others with their financial needs, and I am happy to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs help with their budget.”