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  • Raider Airmen remain vigilant

    EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISEAs the moonlight shines over the base, Airmen from the Raider Air Base Security Forces Squadron continue the thankless task of protecting the base throughout the night. The mission of the Raider SFS is to guard the base and its assets from all threats while ensuring the overall mission of Raider Air Base stays on track.
  • Airmen pass month-mark at Raider Air Base

    EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISEAs the sun rose over Raider Air Base, July 20, Airmen marked this as day 30 - in country.The Airmen stationed here are primarily deployed from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. in support of the joint force commander's ongoing mission in the region."We are working closely with our coalition partners so that together we can