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  • One Year Filing Deadline for TRICARE Claims

    When you visit the doctor, you probably pay your co-pay, then leave. But what if you visit an out-of-network doctor or have other health insurance? You might need to file your own TRICARE claim, something your TRICARE network provider is required to do for you.That's why you should know this important rule: you have one year, from the date of your
  • New Air Force legal assistance Web site

    The Air Force Judge Advocate General corps is scheduled to unveil the new Air Force Legal Assistance Website Feb. 1, at www.aflegalassistance.com. The Web site is designed for active duty and reserve component members, retirees and dependents. The Web site was created to increase efficiency and track client satisfaction with the Air Force legal
  • Developing the warrior ethos

    One of the unique leadership challenges while serving as a squadron commander in a deployed location is providing law enforcement operations on an airfield with a large and diverse population of U.S., coalition, local national and transient personnel.These operations must be handled while weathering indiscriminate and unguided inbound rockets,
  • Thanks for Speaking Up - We're Listening

    Since the beginning of the New Year we've had eight Airmen come forward to let us know they were considering suicide. First of all, thanks to those eight for having the courage to come forward. These folks were far from perfect--just like the rest of us. They were real people dealing with real problems. But since they've come forward we've been
  • Leadership fundamentals

    The study of leadership principles is a fundamental part of virtually all professional military education curriculums. With this level of emphasis, I often wonder why some of us still get it wrong. I selected this subject in order to emphasize we all, no matter how educated or skilled in the art of leadership, should periodically take the time to
  • Help, stranded at the airport!

    For many, the holidays can be stressful enough even without travel plans going awry.For me, the combination of a cancelled flight, missed connection and prospect of spending the night in an airport terminal was enough to catapult me into "Scrooge" mode.My personal holiday nightmare started when I arrived at the Rapid City Regional Airport, S.D., to
  • The "good ole days" here to stay

    I remember when I first joined the Air Force.My uniform was always spotless, my shoes always shined, and the smile (although often large) was kept behind my military bearing. In those first few months of being an Airman, I learned about fitness, teamwork, military discipline and self discipline. My team of Airmen would never let another Airmen
  • Mentorship -- A two way street

    In order to define mentorship, it's important to first define those who practice it:Mentors are a valuable resource within the Air Force. Airmen have a responsibility to learn from the mentors around them and no one is exempt from mentorship. Who is your mentor? According to AFI 36-3401, "The immediate supervisor or rater is designated as the
  • The spirit of giving

    "And now abide faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity."This is how the apostle Paul ends the 13th chapter of his first letter to the Corinthian church, as found in the Christian scriptures. This is often referred to as the "love chapter" since the word charity is normally translated love in newer versions of that
  • CMSAF perspective

    It is an honor and privilege to serve as your Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force. As I've traveled across Air Force bases in the first few months, Airmen have asked what the priorities for the enlisted force are.The deliberately develop our professional enlisted Airmen is a priority. There have been some recent changes made to our professional