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  • Ellsworth VTF cares for MWDs, household pets

    From annual examinations and vaccines to first-aid training for military working dog handlers, the Army and civilian veterinarians at the Ellsworth Veterinary Treatment Facility are dedicated to providing medical care for the base's MWDs.When the work schedule permits and their primary mission requirements have been met, the VTF staff also provides
  • AFRC offers effective writing resume course

    For military members and their families transitioning into the civilian workforce, life after the military can be full of unanswered questions and insecurities about what the future holds.This is where the 28th Force Support Squadron Airman and Family Readiness Center steps in, playing a large role in helping Airmen transition out of active duty
  • Arts and Crafts offers something for everyone

    Have a creative or artistic idea but have no idea how to go about brining it to life? There is a shop on base dedicated to aiding Airmen in those efforts.Whether it is making a shadow box or a custom picture frame, the 28th Force Support Arts and Crafts Center is available to help all members of Team Ellsworth express their creativity."Every
  • Auto Hobby Center provides top service for less

    Often, Airmen and their families travel to off-base mechanics to seek assistance with vehicle maintenance, but they might not know a shop exists right here at Ellsworth Air Force Base to help them get back on the road.The Auto Hobby Center, located at 2750 George Dr., provides customer-driven services from qualified mechanics to assist with vehicle
  • An Airman’s Holiday

    The holiday months are a time often associated with family and togetherness, but they can seem to lose meaning when far away from friends and family.Senior Airman Lucille Perkins-Wagel, 28th Force Support Squadron services technician, will have spent the last three holiday seasons away from her family after this year, and to help lighten the mood
  • Comprehensive Airman Fitness proves crucial to successful deployments

    Editor's note: This is the last in a series of articles about how Ellsworth units prepare Airmen and their families prior to, during and after deployments.During deployments, hot temperatures, extended work hours and separation from family and friends can all take a toll on Airmen, emphasizing the importance of being combat ready before you leave
  • Seasonal patterns affect Airmen, combated by 28th MDOS

    In an area where the snow falls and the sun rarely shines between October and May, Airmen may experience symptoms of depression such as loss of energy, differences in sleep patterns and abnormal appetite.Depression can have a tendency to stay dormant until fall and winter, presenting itself as depressive episodes more commonly known as Seasonal
  • Defending our country, protecting our community

    Less than one percent of our nation's population chooses to serve in the armed forces, prepared to sacrifice their time and life to protect this nation and the freedoms Americans enjoy today. One Ellsworth Airman has made that choice and taken that service a step farther.Staff Sgt. Justin Sweet, Detachment 8, 372nd Training Squadron aircraft fuel
  • Ellsworth's SFS augmentees provide extra help in times of need

    Each month, Airmen from every squadron at Ellsworth take on the challenge of becoming 28th Security Forces Squadron augmentees.Security forces augmentee training is designed to take Airmen from other career fields and provide them with the skills required to perform basic security functions in order to assist security forces members during times of
  • A glimpse into the life of an AF first sergeant

    Amongst first-term Airmen, it is not uncommon for first sergeants to be looked upon as those one only meets when things go wrong. The perception seems to be that their only duty is helping to enforce disciplinary measures, but this could not be further from the truth, since the responsibilities of those who carry the diamond goes so far beyond

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