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  • When away from fight, additional shirts take the flight

    Behind every Airman is a first sergeant, an individual assigned to an Air Force unit who is responsible for providing a focal point for readiness, health, morale, welfare and quality-of-life issues.
  • From munitions to AFREP supply manager: a life of service

    Service before self; as one of the three Air Force Core Values, it is one of the most important values an Airman can have, enabling them to soar great heights in their career.
  • The tools of FTAC, crafting success

    Every Airman goes through the trials of Basic Military Training and technical training school, all the while learning discipline, military order and the importance of the Air Force Core Values. This training sets the foundation for success but there is another course designed to help build on that foundation.
  • Ellsworth Airmen participate in Air-to-ground exercise: Combat Hammer

    Two Ellsworth B-1Bs deployed 30 inert precision-guided bombs, cluster bomb units, and decoys during a weapons system evaluation May 8 to 11 at the Utah Test and Training Range, Nevada.
  • From curating to simulating: retired officers help shape the future

    The retirement pin represents multiple accomplishments; pensions, a long career and the achievement of serving the country. It also represents the duality of the military. The military is a machine, and whether enlisted or commissioned, the moment an individual retires they are replaced because the machine must continue.
  • Entomology rids Ellsworth of insects, critters

    Uninvited and unwelcome, rodents and insects tip-toe through the cracks and into the everyday lives of the base populous. Thankfully there are select individuals ready to rid these pests.
  • Award gives recognition, team gives glory

    In a confined area sparsely decorated, computers with phones attached that look like they’re straight from the 1983 Classic “War Games” are manned by waiting Airmen.
  • The life of a victim: a survivor’s story

    Sexual assault is a topic at the forefront of news, movies and TV. There is a stigma that females are the only victims of sexual assault. However, males are included in this list as well. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office, was established to educate, advocate, and collaborate to respond to and stop sexual assault and its harmful effects on the Air Force.
  • A legacy of valor - remembering Lt. Goodfellow

    Family legacies, if left unspoken, can fade away into time and be forgotten. This does not necessarily mean lost. Although, it can be difficult to recover their stories, even when they are hidden in plain sight.
  • 28th CES sharpens skills, helps local community

    Airmen from the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron improve their construction skills by participating and building eight new homes in a Habitat for Humanity event in Rapid City, S.D.These projects not only provide Airmen an opportunity to help local families by building homes, but also the ability for individuals to build a sense of purpose and

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