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B-25 Mitchell bombers are tethered to the deck of the USS Hornet for their long trek from Calif. to Tokyo.  The bombers were modified to make them as light as possible and the tail guns were replaced with black painted broom handles to deter enemy fighters but to decrease take-off weight.  Later, newly promoted Brig. Gen James Doolittle, who led the raid, said the broom handles were surprisingly effective at deterring Japanese fighters. (Photo courtesy of 28th Bomb Wing historian’s office) Lessons in military history part 2; The Doolittle Raid
Imagine a modern commanding officer walking into a room and telling his bomber pilots they have to strike a target. The pilots respond with enthusiasm.The commander then says not only are they striking a target in their big bombers, but they are going to drop ordnance on the very heart of the enemy stronghold and the president himself has pushed
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Default Air Force Logo Chain of command: 28 AMXS
How does leadership provide direction to a squadron when tasked to produce more with fewer resources?For Lt. Col. Carolyn Forner, 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander, the answer lies with a combination of training, development and a genuine concern for the well-being of her people."We are one of the few career fields lucky enough to
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Default Air Force Logo Lessons in Military History, Part 1
By the spring of 1862, the Nation realized the war embroiling the dissolved United States would not be over as quickly as expected. The rebellion, which was initially anticipated to be quelled within three months, was handing out defeat after defeat in the Eastern Theater of the war. With crushing blows delivered to the Union Army at Manassas and
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Default Air Force Logo Chain of command: 28 MUNS
What does it take to organize and motivate a group of Airmen into a highly professional, goal-oriented squadron?Lt. Col. Timothy Howard, 28 MUNS commander, said that it takes a combination of organization, perseverance and time."Everything we do daily is to ensure we put bombs on target," he said.Throughout the course of the day, Colonel Howard
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ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE S.D. -- "It made me feel weak, empty, worthless, dirty and stupid," she said. "Why couldn't I stop him?"   (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Corey Hook)
Portrait of a sexual assault
"I tried to walk away but he was much bigger than me, and I'd had too much to drink," said an Airman who was sexually assaulted several years ago during a party at a friend's house.The Airman, who asked not to be identified in this story to protect her privacy, said the assault didn't come from a stranger in a dark alley or a guy she had just met;
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U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Patrick Seiler, deployed with the U.S. Army's Combined Joint Task Force 82 Regional Support Team East, listens to a convoy brief, Jan. 19, 2010. Sergeant Seiler is a resource advisor, and is deployed from the Air Force Financial Services Center, Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. (U.S. Air Force Photo by/ Staff Sgt. Richard Williams) Airmen contribute to joint fight across Afghanistan
Airmen of the 755th Air Expeditionary Group are in the fight everywhere you look. Their day-to-day mission may not be the U.S. Air Force's mission to fly, but these Joint Expeditionary Tasked Airmen are ready to fight and win. These Airmen, many of whom are performing outside the wire operations on a daily basis, complete many missions in support
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British Lancaster bombers, like this one, dropped tons of incendiary bombs on the German city of Dresden during World War II.  One interesting historical factoid is British bombers largely used a visual bombing method of bombing, which involved the lighter and faster Mosquito bombers dropping red flares over the target before the Lancaster’s moved in.  The city was attacked by Royal Air Force and U.S. bomber forces over a period of several days. (Courtesy photo) This month in history: The firebombing of Dresden
One of the most controversial series of attacks in the entire conflict spanning World War II was carried out in February, 1945, on the culturally significant and ancient German city of Dresden.Four bombing raids conducted by British and American air power dropped nearly 4,000 tons of conventional and incendiary bombs on the German city and
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Default Air Force Logo Base reinvigorates spouse programs
In this "Year of the Air Force Family," Ellsworth Air Force Base leadership has sparked renewed interest in recognizing and supporting families by reinvigorating its spouse programs.Close to 60 percent of the Air Force is married today, whereas 40 to 50 years ago, only about 40 percent of Airmen on active duty were married.Each 28th Bomb Wing unit
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Default Air Force Logo Heart-healthy Valentine's Day
This Valentine's Day, Airmen, their families and friends can enjoy heart-healthy meals courtesy of the Health and Wellness Center.The HAWC provides a year-round resource for Airmen looking to make healthy eating and lifestyle choices.Some of the recipes included in the HAWC's Heart Healthy Valentine's Day are:Winter CrispOnly 1 tablespoon of
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A photo depicting the historical abbey before and after the U.S. Army Air Forces attack shows the total devastation. Monte Cassino was, in the minds of Allied military commanders, an unfortunate but legitimate target.  The historical site was actually built in 529 A.D. on ancient Roman ruins originally dedicated to Apollo.  After the Allied bombing, the enemy forces used the rubble as fortifications and made the capture of Monte Cassino more difficult. (Courtesy photo) This month in history: Attacks begin on Monte Cassino
In January 1944, Allied attacks began on Monte Cassino, a natural fortress of a town built on the slopes of an Italian mountain, with a Benedictine Monastery at the top bristling with Axis defenders.This fortress, which constituted a strategic nightmare for Allied planners, had to be captured because it guarded the entrance to the Liri valley,
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