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  • Setting Airmen up for success

    After the shock of basic military training and the fast-paced learning environment of technical school has come and gone, Airmen begin the task of transitioning to their first assignment.The First-Term Airmen's Center at Ellsworth Air Force Base provides those Airmen with a class designed to help them acclimate to life at their first base."Airmen
  • Fitness tips while deployed

    With the adoption of the new Air Force physical training standards, Airmen are encourged, now more then ever, to maintain a fitness lifestyle.The following tips, from the Raider Air Base fitness center, give Airmen deployed to Raider a solid foundation for maintaining or improving their fitness level.Stay hydrated - A hydrated Airman is a healthy
  • "Just be there for them"

    "I love you and the kids but I just can't live with myself anymore. I'm over-whelmed with life. I hurt - my head, my throat, my guts. I can't think straight anymore. I'm overwhelmed at work. I have become ineffective. I need sleep. I'm sorry!"This 26-year old Airman battled with depression over his work and marriage before leaving this note and
  • Top 10 things Airmen can do with a degree

    With the increased force shaping measures implemented throughout the Air Force, more and more Airmen are striving to find ways to stay professionally competitive.One of the options Airmen have is to work toward a degree."The Air Force offers its Airmen a variety of educational benefits," said Chief Master Sgt. Clifton Cole, 28th Bomb Wing command
  • It’s Tabata time!

    For many Airmen, hearing about a workout routine that improves cardiovascular capacity, increases strength and the number of exercise repetitions they are able to do before failure seems too good to be true.However, what they may not know about is a routine which is living up to the hype surrounding it - the Tabata Protocol."Tabatas are short
  • The price of freedom

    "When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they
  • Honorable mention

    Their mission is to act as representatives for Airmen to both the American public and the world. They are guardians of a legacy which includes promoting the Air Force mission, protecting its standards, perfecting its image and preserving the heritage of the most powerful air power in the world."The men and women chosen to be ceremonial guardsmen
  • Remembering the Korean War

    It was June 25, 1950 and a group of U.S. B-29 bombers stationed at the base in Guam began bombing targets in North Korea.The action was a direct response to the North Korean People's Army crossing the 38th parallel into democratic South Korea, in an attempt to reunite both halves of the country into a single, communist nation. "President Harry
  • Know before you go

    The first time Tech. Sgt. Christina Gamez's husband deployed, she wanted to do everything herself, frustrating friends who wanted to help her. This time, she knows she will need her support network. She too is scheduled to deploy soon after her husband leaves this fall.Master Sgt. Rodolfo Gamez of the Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and
  • Training for excellence

    With the July 1 implementation of the new Air Force physical training standards less than a week away, Airmen on base have begun training to meet and exceed the requirements.The improved standards were implemented by Air Force senior leadership as a way to promote a fitness lifestyle and develop a healthier fighting force."The new test does a good

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