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  • Living green while blue: water conservation

    Water is essential to life on this planet - it regulates the temperature of both the human body and the Earth, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells in the body, cushions joints, protects organs and tissues and removes wastes. While roughly 70 percent of the Earth's surface is covered by water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency's Web
  • "When all else fails egress will prevail"

    When you look at a B1 Bomber, there are thousands of parts that need constant maintenance to get the jet ready to fly. But if something were to go terribly wrong, one of those parts becomes much more important: the ejection seat. And that's what the Aircrew Egress Systems Section takes care of every day. "I believe my job is one of the most
  • Faith sustained through service

    What are the forces that can motivate an Airman to serve their country for more than 35 years?As one of a handful of Vietnam War veterans still serving on active duty, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Norman Ellis, 28th Bomb Wing chaplain, said his reason for staying with the Air Force can be summarized in a single word."Duty," he said. "It was my job to do,
  • 28 SFS key spouses: "we're here for you"

    Walk into the main entrance of the 28th Security Forces Squadron building on base, past the armory, turn down the last hallway on the left and walk until a door next to vending machines comes into view.On any given day an Airman or their family from the squadron can walk inside and meet Mindy Grice, 28 SFS key spouse and wife of Master Sgt. Michael
  • Chain of Command: 28 CES

    How does a commander address leadership challenges within a situation-dependent squadron?Lt. Col. Matthew Joganich, 28 Civil Engineering Squadron commander, said it requires a good balance between leadership and followership.Colonel Joganich said he subscribes to Abraham Lincoln's style of "leadership by walking around" by showing his people where
  • Living through

    The year was 1981: MTV launched in the United States, Sandra Day O'Connor took her seat as the first female justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and President Ronald Regan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr.It was also the year a 6-year old boy living in Oklahoma was introduced to the harsh reality of child abuse.Tech. Sgt. Steven Wilson, 28th Bomb Wing
  • Lessons in military history part 2; The Doolittle Raid

    Imagine a modern commanding officer walking into a room and telling his bomber pilots they have to strike a target. The pilots respond with enthusiasm.The commander then says not only are they striking a target in their big bombers, but they are going to drop ordnance on the very heart of the enemy stronghold and the president himself has pushed
  • Chain of command: 28 AMXS

    How does leadership provide direction to a squadron when tasked to produce more with fewer resources?For Lt. Col. Carolyn Forner, 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander, the answer lies with a combination of training, development and a genuine concern for the well-being of her people."We are one of the few career fields lucky enough to
  • Lessons in Military History, Part 1

    By the spring of 1862, the Nation realized the war embroiling the dissolved United States would not be over as quickly as expected. The rebellion, which was initially anticipated to be quelled within three months, was handing out defeat after defeat in the Eastern Theater of the war. With crushing blows delivered to the Union Army at Manassas and
  • Chain of command: 28 MUNS

    What does it take to organize and motivate a group of Airmen into a highly professional, goal-oriented squadron?Lt. Col. Timothy Howard, 28 MUNS commander, said that it takes a combination of organization, perseverance and time."Everything we do daily is to ensure we put bombs on target," he said.Throughout the course of the day, Colonel Howard

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