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  • Mi familia: staying strong with family bonds

    All too often Airmen can get stuck in a rut doing everyday tasks and need to find ways to motivate themselves to keep the mission going.Airman 1st Class Ignacio "Nacho" Luna Jr., 28th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron weapons load crew member, is an Airman just like any other. He has his ups and downs, but still finds drive, through the support of his
  • Ellsworth Pharmacy, more than medicine

    The Air Force's number one resource is Airmen, so a fit fighting force is pivotal to mission accomplishment.Ellsworth AFB relies on the 28th Medical Support Squadron pharmacy to dispense medications safely to its patients and keep the base's Bomber Airmen healthy.Providing more than 13,000 medications per month, ranging from pain and sleep meds to
  • Witness the fitness

    A bead of sweat rolls down her face; she wipes it away before her last set. One deep breath and she gets back to it, ignoring the aches, exhaustion, and voice in her head saying she has done enough.But she's not done, not until she finishes her reps.Airman 1st Class Stephanie DiPiazza, 28th Medical Support Squadron family member relocation
  • Time to light it up with 28th CES electrical flight

    Another day has begun, you arrive at work to open your shop. Flick. The lights pop on, and you now see everything in the room, thanks to the 28th Civil Engineer Squadron.The 28th CES electrical flight ensures all of Ellsworth has lighting to get the mission accomplished, but there's more than meets the eye when it comes to illuminating the base.The
  • Cold War technology savior for aging B-ONEs

    Ellsworth AFB maintainers will soon be making repairs in a new facility to help extend the life of aging B-1 bombers.The Soviet Union developed a process using 'cold gas-dynamic spray' during the Cold War to repair rotatory aircraft. The lead engineer for the project brought the technology to the U.S., and the Department of Defense has been
  • Reflecting on record-breaking deployment

    It was in the early morning hours of Jan. 24 that family members, loved ones, and fellow Airmen gathered as one on the flightline to greet approximately 350 Airmen returning home from a six-month deployment.Now, two weeks after that joyful celebration, wing and squadron leadership took a moment to reflect on the success accomplished as 28th Bomb
  • Training in the palm of her hand

    Whether it is an airman fresh out of technical training school or a seasoned senior airman, the Air Force requires upgrade training to improve on-the-job skill sets.Upgrade training enhances mission effectiveness, and is imperative to an Airman's progress in their career field; it can also affect eligibility for promotions and assignment
  • Munitions builders put 'bomb' in bomb wing

    It's no secret the 28th Bomb Wing provides world class Airmen and combat air power, anywhere at any time, but that mission could not be accomplished without the 28th Munitions Squadron.The 28th MUNS provides conventional munitions and trained personnel to support the 27 B-1 bombers assigned to Ellsworth AFB."The mission at Ellsworth is to fly the
  • New SARC takes reins

    Ellsworth AFB has a new advocate for helping victims of sexual assault regain their sense of power, Mrs. Eunice "Bernie" McFarling.McFarling, who recently arrived at Ellsworth in October of 2015, has taken the reins as the base's Sexual Assault Response Coordinator. Prior to coming to Ellsworth, she worked with the Airman and Family Readiness
  • 28th LRS leads way in combatting human trafficking

    Most people think human trafficking is something that happens in foreign countries, but it happens right here in South Dakota too. With January being recognized as Combating Trafficking in Persons Awareness Month, the 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron's vehicle operators are committed to doing everything they can to combat human trafficking.Vehicle

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