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Default Air Force Logo Lesser-Known UCMJ Offenses
Some Airmen, somewhere in the Air Force, destroy promising careers almost daily; and it's not always because they are caught stealing, using drugs or misusing their government computer. Having served, in the past, as a prosecutor, defense attorney and military judge, I've seen people lose their careers for many reasons: from voyeurism to disloyal
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Default Air Force Logo Attitude for success
Anytime someone tries to initiate change or look for a better way to do things, inevitably they face naysayers--the "road blockers" who try to stop you. They say "it can't be done" or "there's an Air Force regulation that says we can't do that". Many don't even try to think outside the box.As author Barbara Pletcher said, "The real winners in life
0 11/23
Default Air Force Logo Fox Meadow Transition: a smooth transition with minor bumps
It's hard to believe that at this time last year we were beginning the transition process from Dakota Ridge to Fox Meadow. The homes in Dakota Ridge were being leased from the Rapid City Defense Housing Corporation. On Sept. 30, the 20-year lease expired and residents were given the choice to either sign a private lease to keep living there or move
0 11/17
Default Air Force Logo ORI, a spouse's view
Twelve-hour shifts, weekend duty, increased aircraft overhead, alerts and announcements over the loud speaker known as "the giant voice." These are experiences we all have grown accustomed to while stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base. In October, however, we endured an increase in these activities, as Ellsworth prepared for and passed the 2010
0 11/02
Combined Federal Campaign logo Large, small donations impact lives
I used to give because I could. I used to give because it was the right thing to do. And I used to decide who to give to without much thought.Then in January I lost my mom to acute lymphocytic leukemia - she was 53. Giving to charity is a personal experience and preference. My family's contribution to the Combined Federal Campaign this year will
0 10/29
Default Air Force Logo October: Domestic Violence Awareness month
We hear the phrase domestic violence quite a bit, especially during October- which is Domestic Violence Awareness month.We tend to think of domestic violence as a couple getting into a physical argument and ending up with an injury. This type of case is clear: it involves a couple and involves a tangible assault. But what about domestic violence
0 10/26
OVER KANSAS -- The B-2 Spirit bomber is a revolutionary blending of low-observable technologies with high aerodynamic efficiency and large payload gives the B-2 important advantages over existing bombers. Its unrefueled range is approximately 6,000 nautical miles. Many aspects of the low-observability process remain classified; however, the B-2's composite materials, special coatings and flying-wing design all contribute to its "stealthiness." (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Mark Olsen)

Communication with the "Spirit of Kansas"
At some point in our careers we have probably had an event or person that has drastically changed our lives. The event I am about to share opened my eyes to the lines of communication needed to effectively conduct our mission and just how much another squadron or group's mission helped me complete my own. Unfortunately, I happened to have the
0 10/20
Default Air Force Logo Political activity restriction reminder
As the 2010 elections approach it's important for all Department of Defense personnel to keep in mind the limits on political activities they can engage in. The provisions for federal employees are published in the 5 U.S.C. 7321, "The Hatch Act", Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 and Air Force Instruction 51-902, Political Activities by
0 10/19
Default Air Force Logo Choices
One of the guiding philosophies that I strive to achieve in my professional and personal life is to ensure that I always have choices. I have found that the harder I work, the better the choices. Anyone who has seen the movie Forrest Gump probably remembers the line "Life is like a box of never know what you're going to get." It's
0 10/06
Chief Master Sgt. Clifton G. Cole Wearing the star: Part 2
What boggles me more than how he maintains such a high level of energy with such a busy schedule, was why I came back for a second job-shadow.It surprised Chief Master Sgt. Clifton Cole, 28th Bomb Wing command chief, too, who met me at 5 a.m., Sept. 23, in the Bellamy Fitness Center for his morning workout routine."Time management is the key to
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