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  • The DUI Core

    This base has a problem that we've all heard about. It's been recounted, reiterated and retold to us by our section leaders, squadron commanders and the wing commander until they are blue in the face and frustrated.It's a problem that affects every Airman- from the lowest-ranking to the commander

  • Simple lifestyle changes can lead to a fitter, healthier you

    Have you fallen into a rut? Do you need to make a change? I had and I did. I needed to improve my health and stop struggling with the physical training test. I also felt that I needed to do a better job of setting an example for maintaining the fitness standards I enforce. I will not provide any

  • A day in the life: Ellsworth spouse shadows commander

    The elevator doors opened, and I felt my heart pounding in my chest. I walked through and saw the 28th Mission Support Group command section doors; excited that today was the day spouse voices will be heard by base leadership. I was ecstatic. I reminded myself that I could do this. I could make

  • “Our History is Our Strength”

    For generations, women of every race, social class and ethnic background have made historic contributions to the growth and strength of our nation. To honor their contributions, America designates the month of March as Women's History. Take a moment to think of the women who have made a difference

  • Celebrating African American/Black History Month

    Have you ever wondered why Black History Month is celebrated in February or what started it all? Referred to as "The father of Black History," Carter G. Woodson paved the way and laid the foundation for what is now called African American/Black History Month. It began in 1926 as "Negro History

  • De-Mystifying WIC

    "At first I was really overwhelmed," said Melissa Filkins, wife of Senior Airman C.J. Filkins, 28th Communications Squadron radar technician, when it came to starting South Dakota's Women, Infant and Children (WIC) program. "But, it was pretty easy once I got the hang of it." Mrs. Filkins, along

  • The four lesser-known risks

    Many Airmen may have heard human papillomavirus (HPV) is a risk factor for cervical cancer, but they may not know that taking birth control pills can be yet another contributing factor.While the best way to survive cervical cancer is to catch it early by screening regularly with a Papanicolaou (Pap)

  • Spotlight on Spouses: Shari Campbell

    Overseas assignments, kids, deployments and TDYs -- these experiences can all be part of the marriage package for a military spouse. For Shari Campbell, wife of Tech. Sgt. Jason Campbell, 28th Maintenance Operations Squadron NCO-in charge of material control, and mother of three, they are nothing

  • My Military Family

    People say, "You can't always pick your family," and the same goes for your office in the military.Being in the military is difficult enough, with long hours, training exercises and deployments. It begins to a take toll on a person. So who can you turn to? Your family? Or the people in your office

  • New Air Force Travel Card available to Airmen

    The Air Force is in the process of implementing a new travel card called the Controlled Spend Account. The card may be used to pay for travel expenses for a deployment, temporary duty assignment or permanent change of station to a new duty location. Here are just some of the highlights of this new