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  • Celebrating women’s right to vote

    Aug. 26, 2011, is the 91st anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment before signing into law giving women the right to vote on the same basis as men. The women's suffrage amendment was introduced for the first time to the United States Congress on Jan. 10, 1878. It was re-submitted numerous times

  • Dear Drunk Driver

    Dear Drunk Driver,We don't know each other. We never met. That is until or lives literally collided. It was a night/early morning I wish I could forget and, in some ways, have forgotten. I guess there is part of me that also wishes I could remember more.The night started out great, I was with my

  • JAG announces law school programs: FLEP, ELP

    Airmen interested in becoming an Air Force lawyer have an opportunity to attend law school, receive paid tuition and a paycheck, all on the military's dime.There are two programs available for Airmen to attend law school as an Air Force officer: the Funded Legal Education Program and Excess Leave

  • Household Goods Summer Surge

    Airmen who have heard the old saying, "It's your move," will find that with the Defense Personal Property System, it really is their move. The Defense Personal Property System is an internet-based system developed by the U.S. Department of Defense United States Transportation Command and the

  • AFOSI Seeks Top Quality Airmen

    The Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the Air Force agency responsible for investigating major crimes and working against terrorist and foreign intelligence efforts, is constantly seeking exceptional noncommissioned officers for duty as enlisted special agents.With more than 2,700 members,

  • National Days of Remembrance

    From 1933 to 1945, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party led the German government in the systematic persecution and annihilation of Europe's Jewish population. "Jews were the primary victims -- six million were murdered; Roma (Gypsies), people with disabilities, and Poles were also targeted for

  • A Spouse’s Perspective on the OREs and ORI

    It is obvious to anyone living on base these past few months--things have not been ordinary at Dyess Air Force Base. We've all heard the alarm go off several times and then the Big Voice telling us it was only an "EXERCISE! EXCERCISE! EXERCISE!" The first time I heard that, I was half-asleep and

  • Autism Awareness Month: TRICARE Covers ABA Therapy

    Today, autism in children has become more prevalent than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined, according to Autism Speaks, a national autism science and advocacy organization. The Autism Speaks association defines autism as, "a group of complex developmental brain

  • Evolving Roots: American Culture

    There are a variety of things that come to mind when someone thinks of American culture. Depending on where they are from and what experiences they have been through, they're likely to each have different answers. However, if they look beyond the walls of their home, past the county they live in,

  • Spotlight on Spouses: Jennifer Lavoie

    The Air Force has been her way of life for 26 years, and it's been an adventure the entire time. Jennifer Lavoie, the wife of the 28th Bomb Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant Brian Lavoie, grew up in Oregon without a military installation nearby. So, when she married her husband shortly after he