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  • Recognizing Black Women in American Culture and History

    February is recognized as African American/Black History Month and is dedicated to the individuals that helped influence American culture. This month's theme is black women in American culture and history, according to the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. There are black women who have taken a stand for equal rights, have broken down
  • Ellsworth to celebrate 25th anniversary of B-1B

    The 28th Bomb Wing received its first B-1B Lancer, affectionately known as the BONE, in January 1987. The wing will soon celebrate the 25th anniversary of the one time low-altitude penetrating strategic bomber at Ellsworth Air Force Base. Over the course of its 25 years of service with the 28th Bomb Wing, the mission and aircraft have changed to a
  • Our Responsibilities to Operational Security as Airmen

    As members of the United States Air Force, we are entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. It comes with the territory when our job is to protect this country and its values from the bad guys of the Earth. To protect this county we have to keep ourselves and our mission as safe as possible. One of the biggest ways we protect ourselves, our
  • Political Activities - Do's and Don'ts

    As servicemembers have probably noticed, political advertisements are running on TV, radio and the occasional billboard along the interstate. "Vote for Me" and "Don't Vote for My Opponent" seem to be the standard messages. Oftentimes, the advertisement tries to recruit servicemembers to help them get votes. As members of the United States Armed
  • Day of Service

    Some may recognize Jan.16, 2012 as just another federal holiday, but for others it is a day to recognize one of America's greatest heroes, Martin Luther King Jr. Establishing this holiday took persistence. Four days after King's assassination, Congressman John Conyers Jr. introduced legislation seeking to make King's birthday a federal holiday.The
  • No place for hate

    As Americans, we have many freedoms and constitutional rights. But as Department of Defense military and civilian members, our rights are limited. While mere membership in extremist groups is not prohibited, actively participating in their activities is. Commanders must preserve the servicemember's right of expression to the maximum extent
  • Bystander syndrome, shockingly real

    Ms. Kitty Genovese was murdered in an alley by her home as more than a dozen people either saw the attack or heard her screams through their apartment windows. Bystander Syndrome, also known as the Genovese Effect, is when a person witnesses a crime, emergency or an individual in need of help and does nothing. John Darley and Bibb Latane, both
  • The power behind derogatory terms

    Derogatory comments are comprised of words that tend or intend to detract, disparage, or belittle and can often be considered offensive. Derogatory words have the power to hurt and potentially cause violence or other forms of hostility. The origins of these disparaging/derogatory terms can depend on geographic location, history and culture of a
  • Changes ahead for Ellsworth Airmen

    We are at a historic economic juncture for the United States Air Force, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the nation at large. Without question, the financial issues that face the nation will directly impact the Air Force and shape our future construct--how we organize, train, equip and resource the force. They will impact quality-of-life
  • Profit found by Investing in workers with disabilities

    National Disability Employment Month is celebrated every October. This campaign was first presented as an awareness week in 1945. Forty-three years later, Congress changed the name and extended the week to a month. The theme this year is about the profit that is received when hiring personnel with disabilities. To most, profit generally applies to