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  • Communication with the "Spirit of Kansas"

    At some point in our careers we have probably had an event or person that has drastically changed our lives. The event I am about to share opened my eyes to the lines of communication needed to effectively conduct our mission and just how much another squadron or group's mission helped me complete

  • Political activity restriction reminder

    As the 2010 elections approach it's important for all Department of Defense personnel to keep in mind the limits on political activities they can engage in. The provisions for federal employees are published in the 5 U.S.C. 7321, "The Hatch Act", Department of Defense Directive 1344.10 and Air Force

  • Choices

    One of the guiding philosophies that I strive to achieve in my professional and personal life is to ensure that I always have choices. I have found that the harder I work, the better the choices. Anyone who has seen the movie Forrest Gump probably remembers the line "Life is like a box of

  • Wearing the star: Part 2

    What boggles me more than how he maintains such a high level of energy with such a busy schedule, was why I came back for a second job-shadow.It surprised Chief Master Sgt. Clifton Cole, 28th Bomb Wing command chief, too, who met me at 5 a.m., Sept. 23, in the Bellamy Fitness Center for his morning

  • The Housing Equation (1311 - 828 - 200 = 283)

    "When the Centennial lease expires, our Airmen will be able to live in the same house, likely for less money--just off base. These homes will be like any other home in Box Elder." --28 BW/CCTeam Ellsworth only has 283 military family housing units that the government owns. These are the relatively

  • Tops in Blue

    A number of thoughts might cross your mind as your eyes passed over the subject line. The most likely I'd suppose, is of the Air Force's outstanding troupe of entertainers. It's also likely that if you've been associated with the Air Force for a while, you've had the opportunity to attend one of

  • Flu Season Right Around the Corner

    The kids are back in school, football is on television and all those summer projects Airmen didn't get to will be put off until next year. Fall is here which means flu season is right around the corner. Although flu season does not officially begin until October, it's not too early to start thinking

  • Network Gift Card Scams

    While Airmen may be better educated than the average citizen when it comes to detecting attempts to obtain personal information by means of phishing and bogus e-mails, the criminal community remains hard at work, devising improved methods to pry sensitive personal information from people. One of the

  • Suicide Prevention Week: family members first to notice signs of distress

    An Airman recently returned from a deployment, and some changes have been noticed.Some may be part of the "new normal." But others seem out of the ordinary: bursts of anger, withdrawal from friends and family, trouble sleeping or sleeping too much. Should this be brushed off as just a

  • Wearing the star: Part 1

    My alarm went off at 4:30 a.m. as I got ready to start my day shadowing Chief Master Sgt. Clifton Cole, 28th Bomb Wing command chief.I was already questioning my commitment to mirror his schedule for the full-experience of what it means to be the highest ranking enlisted Airman on Ellsworth. 0500 -