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  • New year, new you? Tips for successful resolutions

    Have you ever gone into the new year certain this will be the year you change your life for the better, but after just a few weeks, you fall right back into the same habits? Well, you are not alone.According to John Norcross, a distinguished professor of clinical psychology at the University of

  • Thinking about buying a drone over the holidays? Read this first

    Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration announced a new rule requiring the registration of all small unmanned aircraft systems which will go into effect Dec. 21. These systems are also commonly known as "UAS" or "drones."The regulation will apply to

  • DUIs - what you need to know

    As you get ready to celebrate this holiday season, remember to plan for every situation.  Have a safe way to get home and then plan on having a backup in case the first plan fails. Don't endanger yourself and others--or your career--because you didn't plan ahead or spend a few bucks on a safe ride

  • Bullying: how I chose to build on it

    Growing up, I've seen many people bullied for all kinds of things, ranging from gender and race to just having different opinions and interests.According to, an online bullying resource, in 2014 approximately 44 percent of individuals had been bullied in one way or another by the time

  • Transitioning teams: marching band to Air Force

    Prior to joining the Air Force, I attended high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One thing I looked forward to everyday was attending marching band practice.Our band, known as the Renegade Regiment, was not only a way to connect and socialize with other people; it provided a fun way to learn an essential

  • Conversations come and go, internet posts stay forever

    With the rise of social media, smart phones, and the Internet as a whole, the World Wide Web has become a large and mysterious place.From Internet insurgents and keyboard warriors to trolls and cyber bullies, everyone has either been a victim or a culprit of saying something they should not have on

  • My dear friend, don’t drive dangerously

    Attending the recent Street Smart demonstration and seeing vivid images of real car accident victims reminded me of my friend, Megan.It was during my sophomore year in high school that she lost her life in a tragic car crash. She was only 17 years old and had so much to live for.She was a member of

  • Growing up, caring for my mother

    Being an only child raised in a single-parent household comes with its own unique set of challenges. And it becomes even more difficult when that parent is sick or disabled.As sick as she was, there were days my mother couldn't even get out of bed to do the simplest things. I learned at a very young

  • Advancing through adversity

    Every Airman experiences misfortune or setbacks in life; while some of them are things we can control, others we must face head on.Last December, I endured a series of setbacks during technical training -- I hit my head while playing basketball. And the experience threatened everything I had worked

  • PCSing, what you need to know

    Moving from one location to the next can be difficult, especially with how frequently servicemembers complete a permanent change of station. PCSing can be a daunting task. If you're facing your first PCS, you could be in for a little stress, several phone calls to make sure everything is taken care