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  • How an email changed my life

    I have a confession to make - I automatically delete a large amount of the flurry of e-mails I receive daily, sometimes even the ones shared from the 28th Force Support Squadron outlining the upcoming activities made available by Outdoor Recreation.As soon as I see an email from them pop up in my

  • Inconvenience claims help offset delayed HHG shipments

    Airmen and their families are no strangers to moving day -the movers pack and load household goods onto the moving van and for the moment it appears your family survived the many challenges of a permanent change of station.But then fast forward a few weeks to three days past the delivery date on all

  • Celebrating women of character, courage, commitment

    Historically, the achievements of women and the contributions they have made to society have gone largely unrecorded. In fact, most of their work and efforts have been discounted. These role models, along with countless others, demonstrate the importance of recognizing the significance of Women's

  • Gambling in the workplace - don't do It!

    It's that time of year again, sports fans! College basketball conference tournaments are in full swing and "March Madness," the NCAA men's basketball tournament, starts this week. It's time to send out that e-mail to the squadron and let them know who the point of contact is to collect everyone's $5

  • Successful PCS secrets

    Permanent change of station season is almost upon us, and with it being a busy time in a military family's life, it is good to start preparing ahead of time.The secrets to a successful PCS are preparing early and personally taking control of your household goods movement. The best place to start is

  • Making the right decision

    Each and every day, Airmen are required to make decisions. Making the right decision requires that you think before you act. Consequences of the decisions we make on a daily basis can have a negative or positive impact on our life and career. As members of the Air Force, we are expected to live by

  • Developing good dental habits early on critical to strong health

    February has long since been known as National Children's Dental Health Month - a time when dental professionals focus on raising awareness about the importance of good oral health.Developing good habits at an early age can lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. A great starting point is to

  • Civil Rights in America

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act - an act passed in 1964, which alongside title VII, prohibits the discrimination of an individual based on their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability and genes. The CRA was designed to end racial segregation in

  • A true revolutionary - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Jan. 20 is Dr. Martin Luther King's day of service - a day when many of us will honor his memory and vision for our society. King had a vision known as "The Beloved Community." This term was originally used by Josiah Royce, an idealist philosopher, but was later adopted by King to describe his