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  • Supplements: What you need to know

    The use of supplements often comes with the promise of providing health benefits, but these can also bring additional side effects.  It is important Airmen know the risks of supplements before taking them.It can be difficult to know what is safe to use when it comes to supplements. Steven Burns,

  • Becoming stronger through failure

    Failing the Air Force physical training test: my greatest fear since joining the military.It is embarrassing to admit that recently that fear came to fruition, but what I have learned through that failure has become one of my greatest strengths.According to Merriam-Webster, failing is defined as, n.

  • Emergency Air Force aid – blessing in disguise

    During the month of February, plans to have a little fun on a warm Sunday afternoon came to a screeching halt when the front left wheel of my husband's truck started to come loose.Had we continued driving that day, our trip may have ended in disaster. By the time we got it to the repair shop three

  • Relocating? You have options

    Individuals relocating during a permanent change of station, separation or retirement have three options available to them once they receive orders.Those options are a household goods move, a personally procured move, or a non-temporary storage. Airmen may elect one or any combination of the three

  • Coordinating a smooth move into privatized housing

    The transition from local community into privatized housing is a substantial change that may affect many Ellsworth military families as new homes become available on base this year.The 28th Logistics Readiness Squadron personal property office is working to make the transition as smooth as possible

  • Ellsworth remembers The Caged Bird during Women’s History Month

    Author, poet, dancer, actress, film and television producer, rights activist - all describe the late Maya Angelou. In observance of Women's History Month, we honor her life and recognize her accomplishments.Maya, born Marguerite Annie Johnson, was born in St. Louis, Mo., April 4, 1928. The nickname

  • Saluting African-American scientists, culture during recognition month

    Historically, African American inventors and scientists have received little to no recognition for their work and contributions to society. This is especially true if the impacts of their inventions and discoveries were taken for granted. In my time studying industrial engineering, I learned about

  • What I've learned, an Airman's perspective

    When I raised my right hand and swore to defend my country, I wanted to travel the world and continue my education.I managed to accomplish the first, spending the first two years of my enlistment at Kadena Air Base, Japan, and Osan Air Base, South Korea but my ever-changing education goals remained

  • I am not dieting

    If you are like me, the holidays mean two things - family and food! However, our bodies cannot consume as much as we wish they could when it comes to food no matter the holiday.But all the pie, turkey, and potatoes can be hard to resist. Pecan pie and coffee for breakfast? Count me in. Recently,

  • More than a bullet

    Volunteering opportunities may seem like just another task to complete in order to fulfill a bullet on an upcoming performance report, but many overlook the positive impact volunteering has within the community and how much it means to the lives you touch.I spent part of the weekend volunteering for